Warmcel and Improcel live on with a new owner & manufacturer

Following the closure of Excel Industries Limited the good news is that Warmcel Cellulose Insulation and also Industrial Cellulose fibre lives on in the UK!

CIUR (UK)’s parent company CIUR a.s. Prague has purchased the Excel Industries Limited manufacturing plant, along with the Warmcel and Improcel branding and rights to the Warmcel and Improcel certification.

Speaking from the CIUR (UK) office, Mr. Michal Urbanek (MD CIUR a.s.) and Mr. Mojmir Urbanek (Production Director CIUR a.s.) stated: “When Excel Industries went into Administration, as a long standing leading EU manufacturer of cellulose insulation, we felt that it was important that the Warmcel cellulose insulation brand should continue to be made available in the UK. The product will be manufactured as normal and sold via our UK office and fully supported commercially and technically by the CIUR (UK) team. All UK industrial fibre customers should also be aware that we are also supplying our broad range of our Subcel Industrial cellulose fibres directly from our UK office. This all means that all UK users of cellulose insulation and industrial cellulose fibres can continue to benefit from using high quality, carbon efficient fibres made from sustainable sources of recycled paper.

Meanwhile, David Craig, MD CIUR (UK) stated: “CIUR a.s. and CIUR (UK) are fully committed to the UK fibre market and will continue to ensure that high levels of product quality, support and service are met.

Mgr. Michal Urbanek
Managing Director
CIUR a.s.
Ing. Mojmir Urbanek
Production Director
CIUR a.s.
David Craig
Managing Director
CIUR (UK) Ltd.

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