Thermal Insulation


CIUR a.s. , one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of cellulose fibre insulation in Europe, manufacture Warmcel®. PYC Insulation are the established UK distributors of Warmcel® and provide expert technical support as well as training Approved Installers for the UK and Ireland. They also use Warmcel® in their own timber frame projects because it is the most sustainable high-performance insulation that fully reaches their design targets and low energy standards.

Warmcel® offers comfortable living in winter and summer. Warmcel® cellulose fibre has a high specific heat capacity and high insulation value offering any home significant thermal mass and excellent heat retention. A Warmcel® insulated home is designed to hold onto heat for a long time and to minimise daily temperature fluctuation an essential quality for a comfortable environment.

Warmcel® has been used in many types of projects, including the DIET student village for Dyson, various Passivhaus schools, student accommodation, and archive centres. It is also increasingly being used in Local Authority projects, such as the RIBA Stirling Prize winning Goldsmith Street in Norwich.

RIBA Stirling Prize 2019 Winner

This incredible Passivhaus project by Norwich City Council installed Warmcel insulation into these energy efficient homes, helping to minimise fuel bills.
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  • Injected installation for a perfect fill achieving super efficiency
  • Warmcel® – from newspapers – from trees – a truly sustainable resource
  • Natural breathing properties, yet giving superior airtightness
  • Virtually the lowest embodied energy of any insulation in the UK
  • High specific heat capacity giving superior decrement delay

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