Agriculture Fibres

Agriculture and Horticulture Fibres

Anyone needing to promote vegetation growth or quickly landscape a large area of land can benefit from CIUR’s product and examples of its fast application and resilient properties can be found in these projects.

The product protects from wind, rain and extreme temperatures, naturally decomposing over time to release further nutrients and promote rapid vegetation growth.

Designed for developers of e.g. embankments, golf courses, reclaimed refuse sites etc. Our product is a quick and reliable solution which is 100% environmentally-friendly.

  • Improved seed growth
  • Improved protection
  • Easy and consistent spreading
  • Environmentally safe
  • Unlimited shelf life

High performance mulch for hydraulic seeding applications

It promotes accelerated growth through a combination of seed protection and improved hydration for nourishment. Manufactured from 100% recycled paper, it is safe to handle, environmentally sound and has unlimited shelf life.

When mixed with seed, fertilizer, water and optional tackifier, the fibre mix forms a homogeneous slurry that is easily sprayed in a

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