Green Innovation broadcasts

Collaborative Media’s latest programme Green Innovation broadcasts on Sky 189, Sunday 7th February 10am.

With the UK on the cusp of a revolution in renewable technologies, this programme examines the pioneering technologies reducing our environmental impact. We look at industry leaders across the energy, marine and construction sectors.

We feature the following companies:

GI Energy, renewable systems and ground source heat pump specialists, discuss the necessity and practicalities of saving carbon and the efficiencies and cost-savings this can bring to consumers and companies.

Ecospeed Marine Ltd, have researched and developed low energy technologies for the marine industry. They discuss the impact of the marine industry and the necessity of investing in new technologies. We look at how new propulsion technologies can reduce energy requirements and improve performance.

CIUR, explain how the UK construction industry is re-using waste newspaper by converting it into Cellulose wall insulation. We explore the potential energy savings and how this could help the UK meet its carbon reduction targets.

Despite the improvements the UK lags behind many European countries in renewable energy generation. We examine urgent changes needed to volume house building and how German innovations like passive houses could be introduced at larger scale within UK construction.  

We explore a case study from a HS2 site in which renewable technologies are being embedded to provide 33% of all energy used.

This programme showcases new methods, which offer the long-term cost and energy savings required to make the UK a leading nation in tackling carbon emissions. 

Please tune in to Sky 189, Sunday 7th February 10am and share this blog on social media. Get in touch with Collaborative Media with any questions or if you would like to appear on a future episode.

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