Quality Policy

As a leading supplier of cellulose fibre products CIUR (UK) Ltd. is committed to providing our customers with quality products and services.

It is our objective to meet our customers’ quality expectations through a comprehensive understanding of their needs and expectations, good management, efficient production facilities and superior quality control techniques.

To achieve this CIUR (UK) Ltd. will:

  • Work hard to understand and satisfy the needs and expectations of each of our customers.
  • Maintain an effective quality management system.
  • Implement operating practices that will enable employees to carry out their responsibilities consistently and efficiently.
  • Regularly review operating practices to improve the quality and consistency of our products and services.
  • Ensure employees have the necessary competence to perform the work which affects product quality.
  • Evaluate and monitor the performance of our suppliers to ensure that they supply quality products and services.
  • Hold all levels of Management accountable for quality in their area of responsibility.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the quality management system against measureable objectives to facilitate continuous improvement.

Each employee of CIUR (UK) Ltd. has a responsibility to ensure that this objective is achieved.

Kath Richards
UK Operation Director
CIUR (UK) Ltd.

A leader in the production of cellulose fibres