CIUR UK and PYC Insulation Ltd – New Commercial Partnership

We are pleased to announce that CIUR (UK) and PYC Insulation Ltd have entered into a new commercial partnership aimed at developing and distributing Warmcel Cellulose Insulation in the UK and Ireland.

Mr. Michal Urbanek, MD CIUR a.s. stated: “since CIUR a.s. acquired the Warmcel brand and manufacturing plant from Excel Industries Limited, we wanted to set up a strong team in order to continue to develop and support the sales of Warmcel cellulose insulation in the UK. In addition to our excellent manufacturing process and UK Technical and Commercial team, by partnering with PYC Insulation we can now offer a much broader package of support to Warmcel installers and work more effectively with architects, specifiers and developers.”

Meanwhile, Jasper Meade, MD PYC Insulation Ltd stated: ”After many years of being the largest Warmcel Installer in the UK, PYC has re-structured and expanded its business. This means that rather than focussing on installing Warmcel we are now providing technical and commercial development assistance for other Warmcel installers. This involves using our experience and long term relationships with architects, specifiers and developers to grow the market for Warmcel as well as support with machines and building systems with Warmcel. In order to achieve our goals we needed to find a cellulose manufacturer, with an excellent cellulose fibre product and commercial and technical team. In CIUR we have more than achieved this goal. The continuation of the Warmcel brand in the UK and the formation of our new partnership with CIUR is excellent news for UK construction sector.”

Mgr. Michal Urbanek
Managing Director
CIUR a.s.
PYC Insulation Ltd.

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