CIUR a.s. re-affirms the Excellent Ecological Benefits of Climatizer Plus® Cellulose Insulation with NaturePlus® Certification

CIUR a.s. is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of NaturePlus® Certification for Climatizer Plus® cellulose insulation.

The NaturePlus® Certification involves a stringent assessment by the Bremer Umweltinstitut, Bremen, Germany, of a construction product’s life cycle and emissions.  Only products which meet very stringent testing criteria are awarded the certification.

Speaking from the CIUR a.s. factory in Prague, Mojmír Urbánek, Production Director, CIUR a.s., stated “this is a very important certification for our Climatizer Plus® cellulose insulation, as it confirms the excellent ecological properties, such as low embodied energy and carbon, and also the extremely high indoor air quality that buildings benefit from when insulated with Climatizer Plus®.”

Ing. Mojmir Urbanek
Production Director
CIUR a.s.

A leader in the production of cellulose fibres